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Storm surge barriers are often our first line of defence against the rising tides. These barriers exist and are being developed all around the world to reduce the risk of severe flooding to people, property and places.

I-STORM is the international knowledge sharing network for all those working in the storm surge barrier industry. Within our network specialists around the world are getting together to face common challenges. We enable continuous improvements in storm surge barrier design, operation, maintenance and management.

The challenge

Storm surge barriers are unique structures that require personnel with specialist knowledge to operate and maintain them, so the barrier can be relied upon to perform whenever it is called into action. However, as storm surge barriers age the maintenance challenges grow. Changing climates and sea level rise also cause a growing pressure on barriers to operate more frequently. To deal with all these challenges, barriers need to continuously adapt and improve ways of working.

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About us

I-STORM is an international knowledge sharing network for all those who have a part to play in achieving reliable storm surge barriers. We facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between our members, to help them deal with common challenges at an international level, and enable continuous improvement in storm surge barrier design, operation and management.

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29 March, 2024

I-STORM’s “Storm Surge Barrier Database” is now available!

Since I-STORM supports the sharing of knowledge and experiences it is helpful to have an overview of the characteristics of the storm surge barriers we all manage or build. With a group of I-STORM colleagues we started to create a Characteristics Table. The interactive database can be found here:I-STORM Storm Surge Barrier Database

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"We are convinced that, although each storm surge barrier is unique, we face similar challenges. By developing relationships and learning from each other, we can ensure maximum reliability of our barriers."

Andy Batchelor, Operations Manager Thames Tidal Defences England
Marc Walraven, Storm Surge Barrier Senior Advisor in The Netherlands