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We run a variety of activities to enable our members to exchange knowledge and collaborate internationally including annual meetings, national and international peer reviews, working groups, newsletters and webinars.

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In order to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between our members and to help them deal with common challenges we organise events throughout the year, both in person (when possible) and virtually.

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09 - 11 Sep, 2024

I-STORM Annual Meeting 2024 - Venice

Members only

This event is available to I-STORM Members only. Please do not forward outside of the I-STORM Network.

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06 March, 2024

I-STORM Academy - Challenges Facing Storm Surge Barriers Webinar

Members only

This event was available to I-STORM Members only. Please do not forward outside of the I-STORM Network.

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29 March, 2024

I-STORM’s “Storm Surge Barrier Database” is now available!

Since I-STORM supports the sharing of knowledge and experiences it is helpful to have an overview of the characteristics of the storm surge barriers we all manage or build. With a group of I-STORM colleagues we started to create a Characteristics Table. The interactive database can be found here:I-STORM Storm Surge Barrier Database

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“This collaboration between like-minded individuals inspired us to approach issues differently. We have used the insights from the review to validate and refine various courses of action”

Darren Austin
Complex Structures Engineer, Flood Protection Authority - East (SLFPA-E).

Further reading

The links below provide some interesting further reading about the world of storm surge barriers. Please note, not all of these organisations are members of I-STORM and the views and opinions given may not echo the I-STORM network. Please see our website terms and conditions for more information.