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Gate Design Workshop Coastal Texas Project

Meeting - organised by I-STORM international

Members only

17 March 2019

To evaluate a selection of storm surge barrier concepts for a proposed barrier in Texas (USA), I-STORM members were invited to contribute their knowledge and experience during this Gate Design Workshop.

The Coastal TX Study Team, a cooperation of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Texas General Land Office (TGLO), invited I-STORM members to contribute to a Gate Design Workshop which explored different possible barrier concepts, and selected concepts to be taken forward to initial design and the next level of feasibility analysis. 

The team was particularly keen to hear from those who could contribute to design criteria discussions in the following areas:

  • hydraulics
  • engineering
  • environmental
  • cost
  • climate and Adaptability
  • operation and Maintenance
  • any other factors that need to be considered


During this meeting I-STORM members were given an exciting opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experience. In total about 45-50 people attended this workshop, with representatives travelling from across the USA, England, and the Netherlands and the USA, including TGLO, Rijkswaterstaat and Environment Agency and local universities.

Thank you

The workshop left the Coastal Texas Study Team with plenty of work to do to complete the study, but the discussions and recommendations from the group provided them much more clarity on the type or types of structures that would be best for the Galveston Entrance Channel. “This was a new type of undertaking for the network and I think we all agree that it was a tremendous success. Also, we would like to thank the members of I-STORM, both near and far, who participated. Your expertise and knowledge on the design, construction, operations and maintenance of large coastal structures is invaluable to the study team as we move forward in completing our feasibility report. We greatly appreciate everyone's contribution!”