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News archive

04 October, 2022

CBNC Sustainable Future

Featuring I-STORM Members

“Cities are largely to blame for climate change. Could the also be part of the solution?”

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01 July, 2022 Members only info included

Next Generation Mentoring Program launched

A new initiative from the Next Generation Group

I-STORM Next Generation is a working group which aims to help attract and retain new talent, build a diverse community, expand the network and ensure newcomers can join, participate and learn.

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13 March, 2022

Adam Robinson chats to the Project Chatter Podcast

Listen to the episode all about the Boston Barrier

This week, Adam Robinson is the featured guest on The Project Chatter podcast.

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21 December, 2021

Tom Scott at the Thames Barrier

Popular Youtuber Tom Scott’s latest video is all about his trip to the Thames Barrier earlier this year. 

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21 October, 2021

Thames Barrier 200th Closure

The Thames Barrier is operating for the 200th time since 1982
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14 October, 2021 Members only info included

Annual Meeting 2021

The 2021 I-STORM Annual Meeting took place last week, from 12-15 October.

Over the four days, we had up to 150 attendees join us for sessions from 14 presenters from 7 different organisations.

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12 October, 2021 Members only info included

Characteristics Table and Barrier Map Tool

We need your help to develop our Characteristics Table and Barrier Map Tool
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07 September, 2021

ICE People's Choice - Vote for Boston!

Boston Barrier recognised as civil engineering masterpiece

The ICE People's Choice Award celebrates civil engineering projects that have made a positive impact on local communities. The Boston Barrier (UK) has been shortlisted alongside five other projects for this major international award. Boston Barrier and is herewith recognised as a civil engineering masterpiece.

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26 August, 2021

Rick Duplantier visits the Netherlands

Following the end of Joe Hassinger's term as Commissioner to the Board, the Flood Protection Authority East have welcomed Rick Duplantier as his successor. This Augus the new Commissioner visited the Dutch barriers.

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05 May, 2021

Promotion for I-STORM

Support for our network from the Chair of the Environment Agency

I-STORM and the work we do has recently been promoted by Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency and UK Commissioner to the Global Commission on Adaptation. And not only once but twice!

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06 April, 2021

I-STORM in the news

I-STORM was featured in the March edition of the International Water Power and Dam Construction (IWPDC) magazine, the leading monthly international publication serving the needs of those involved in dam construction and the hydroelectricity industries.

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18 December, 2020

I-STORM gets a new look

As the I-STORM network grows and becomes more and more professional, we are happy to announce that we have launched today a brand new I-STORM website, logo and look.

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01 December, 2020

Annual Meeting planned for October 2021

Due to the current global travel and meeting restrictions, we were unable to hold our 2020 Annual meeting as planned. However, we are happy to announce that the event will now go ahead in October 2021. 

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06 August, 2020 Members only info included

I-STORM organises Summer Webinar Sessions

I-STORM held two webinars for members in June 2020. The first was an update from Galveston, Texas on the Coastal Texas Study, the second was an open discussion on how members have been managing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in their respective organisations. Here is a short review.

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