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Our network has three types of membership: Core, Barrier and Associate.

Core membership is for organisations that manage publicly owned storm surge barriers. These organisations steer and help deliver the network’s core activities. Our core members are:

  • Environment Agency (EA), England
  • Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), The Netherlands
  • US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), USA
  • Venice Water Authority (VWA) and Consorzio Venezia Nuova (CVN), Italy

Over 20 barriers are represented by our core members.

Barrier membership is for publicly owned storm surge barriers. This type of membership provides all barriers around the world with the opportunity to join the network.

Associate membership is for those with expertise or an interest in improving the performance of storm surge barriers, such as contractors, public-private partnerships, commercial storm surge barriers, universities, research organisations and individuals.

If you or your organisation is interested in joining I-STORM, please read more on benefits of our membership and the application process below.

Our members

Currently the I-STORM networks contains 29 members. A full list of our members is available for all I-STORM members. Login to download the list.

Members only

I-STORM members can view further information here after logging in.

“As surge barrier operators and members of I-STORM, we all share in the common goal of protecting the people and property of the regions we serve. Anything that aides making our organization better at achieving this goal brings huge value to the greater community.”

Gerry Gillen
Director of Operations, Flood Protection Authority - East (SLFPA-E)


Being an I-STORM member is all about being connected. We help our members develop relationships with their counterparts around the world, so they can share scarce knowledge and expertise about how operators manage and maintain their barriers. Through enabling knowledge exchange and joint working on mutually beneficial projects, our community delivers more than the sum of its parts!

The network not only provides benefits for members who already manage, maintain and operate functioning assets. A lot can also be learnt from applying lessons learnt and using the experiences gained by members who have barriers in development and concept stage. Existing barriers are keen to learn from new barriers, for example, in the use of new technology. Knowledge sharing is always two way in I-STORM.

All our members receive an invitation to the I-STORM Annual Meeting and have access to the I-STORM online members only sections, where products and resources are shared.


How to join

Any interested party can request to become a member of I-STORM. New members must submit an application that will be considered by the Delivery Board. The application process currently requires the applicant to be sponsored by a Delivery Board member, who will confirm the interested party's authenticity. The Delivery Board will decide if an organisation becomes a member. Of course, our new members must agree to follow the I-STORM Network’s set of agreed principles of membership and acknowledge the Terms of Reference, before they can join the network.

If you or your organisation is interested in joining I-STORM or you would like to receive more information about memberships, please contact us.